This Could Be Serious.

Especially if you’re not ready. Yes, I’m talking about Interest-based advertising. You know it reaches users based on the sites they’ve browsed and their interests and demographic categories associated with them. Yeah, that kind of advertising. Interest-based ads are shown to users based on their inferred interests and demographics, rather than the content of a specific site or page.

When interest-based advertising is in full swing and your banner is showing up in all the right places shouldn’t it be incredibly eye catching and informative? Particularly to those people who “want” to know about you? The problem is a lot of “Web Marketing” companies promise the world when it comes to impressions and click-throughs. Yet their creative falls way short of even good and becomes just another banner getting in the way. That’s not fair to you and your brand. I’ve seen it first hand many times.

Why get caught off guard by big promises with no delivery. Check out at our portfolio of Fresh Brewed Creative and “You” be the judge.


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